Academic Requirement


  • Recent High School grads seeking, passing ACT/ SAT test scores, High School Core course replacements, and/ or college credits.
  • High School grads that wants to attend a sports or college program to continue playing sports.
  • Potential Student-Athletes with 2.0 or Greater CORE GPA upon completion of high school.


  • Potential Student-Athletes that have not been able to pass ACT/SAT exams or has a low GPS score.


  • Potential unsigned Student-Athletes who needs an extra year to develop in order to become eligible for participation in college athletics.
  • Potential Athletes with 2.0 CORE GPA.
  • Transferring College Students with 1 year or lEss in College Credits.

If potential Athletes fall into either of the above categories, they must be enrolled in an accredited college program. Post Graduate and Prep Student-Athletes are able to take up to 9 college credits and preferred accredited two year college and not lose eligibility. Email us at to get more info