The cost at Goode Elite Prep is very affordable in comparison to other post grad prep schools, across the country. We try to be reasonably priced to accommodate most family budgets. We partner with college programs for you to take your college courses all classes are accredited courses and transferable.

Please review our costs to attend below: Application fee, Commitment fee and Recruiting fee is non-refundable. Most be paid before your recruiting process begins:

  • $40……Application Fee (Due ASAP)
  • $1000……Commitment Fee (Due ASAP)
  • $3000……Athletic Fee/ $1500 of it will pay for housing. which you or your parents have to sign up for. Anything over the $1500 in housing you will have to pay.
  • $150……..Recruiting Fee
  • @$1300……Tuition

Participation Fees

ACT and SAT Prep Course not included $375 (not paid to GEP)


Football Program: $ 4,000.00 (ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE)

Football Program cost includes professional coaching, position instruction and full access to game and practice film, via HUDL. You will also be provided with one Goode Elite Prep Practice gear, game uniforms and helmet are taken up at end of season.

Recruiting Service: $ 150.00

This fee consists of sending out highlights film and player profile to college program at all level across the country including; D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO from our database. Send update to college coaches that have shown interest by responding to emails we’ve sent or calling us directly. Give honest evaluations of a player’s talent level. Email/Phone Correspondence with coaches. Personally assist the athlete during the recruiting process, and always available to answer any questions by phone or email.
Placement into a college or university is not guaranteed with this service.

Room & Board: We will pay $1500 out of your athletic fees which you or your parents will have to sign up for.

Goode Elite Prep will utilize apartment that will house all student athletes in different apartment complex for our resident housing. SIGN UP FOR HOUSING IS THE ATHLETES OR PARENTS RESPONSIBLITY NOT TEAM. Most units are not furnished, full kitchen, full size refrigerator, microwave, cabinets to store non-perishable foods, and sink. Rooms are double occupancy. (If you would like your own room, (without a roommate) we can provide that, for an additional fee. Please contact us for more information. You will also be providing you with a work Hotel or Restaurant(optional) study job that pays $15 hour to  Monday – Friday.

ACT and SAT Prep Course: $ 375.00 (not paid to GEP)

Consists of a 1-3 times a week ACT and SAT preparatory course geared to help you improve your test scores. We have a proven track record of improving scores from three points, on average. 





Football Program: $ 2,500.00

Football Program cost includes professional coaching, position instruction and full access to game and practice film, via HUDL.

You can apply for financial aid through our college partner programs, we do not provide loans nor give full scholarships to attend our academy. We have significantly lowered our costs to attend to make this experience affordable and not be a huge burden, on most families. The fees we charge covers our business overhead, expenses and allows our staff to be compensated for their time and effort.

If player quits or departs program 30 days after their start date. The full amount of the athletic fee is still due…NO EXCEPTION