Statement of Low Costs

We have significantly lowered our costs to attend to make this experience affordable and not be a huge burden, on most families.


The cost at Goode Elite Prep is very affordable in comparison to other post grad prep schools, across the country. We try to be reasonably priced to accommodate most family budgets. Goode Elite Prep offers RESIDENT, COMMUTER and FOOTBALL ONLY options for participation. RESIDENTS must adhere to our daily schedule and to our nightly bed check. If you chose to be a COMMUTER, you would be responsible to transport yourself back and forth from home to Goode Elite Prep, on a daily basis. If you chose the FOOTBALL ONLY option, you are simply coming to Goode Elite Prep to get trained and obtain playing film. This option has typically been chosen by older young men that have been out of football for some time and are looking to get back into a college football program but need that precious film to attract coaches.

Please review our costs below:

  • $9,685……Total Program Cost
  • $4,000……Athletic/Participation Fees


Football Program cost includes professional coaching, position instruction and full access to game and practice film, via HUDL. You will also be provided with one Goode Elite Prep T-shirt, 1 pair of Goode Elite Prep shorts, and 1 pair of athletic socks. Practice gear, game uniforms and helmet are taken up at end of season.


This consists of transportation to games and recruiting visits if invited.

Tuition/Room & Board:


Goode Elite Prep will utilize apartment that will house all student athletes in one complex for our resident housing. Housing includes a twin bed, Rooms are double or Triple occupancy. Please contact us for more information. You will also be provided 19 meals per week. Monday – Friday and Saturday – Sunday you are provided two meals.

ACT and SAT Prep Course

Consists of ACT and SAT preparatory course geared to help you improve your test scores. We have a proven track record of improving scores from three points, on average. You may opt out of this course, however, this will not lower the fee.

Goode Elite Outreach Services

Goode Elite Prep coaches will serve as an advocate for you and assist you with your recruitment into a college or university, up until National Signing Day. On a weekly basis, our coaches will email college coaches on your behalf, assist you in developing and maintaining an appropriate HUDL page and advise you throughout your recruiting process. Placement into a college or university is not guaranteed with this service.

Academic Support

We will help with financial aid but we do not provide loans. We have significantly lowered our costs to attend to make this experience affordable and not be a huge burden, on most families. The fees we charge covers our business overhead, expenses and allows our staff to be compensated for their time and effort.

By all means do your homework, check out other programs and what they offer. But in the end, if you look carefully and weigh the differences, you will realize that, dollar for dollar, Goode Elite Prep offers an experience second to none at an incredibly manageable cost.**

List of athletic Fee

  • College Tuition $1,185 per semester
  • Books & Activity fees: $375
  • Meal Plan: $1,800 3 meals a day all you can eat/weekends 2
  • Academic Support: $675 (not paid to GEP)
  • $4,000 Athletic Fee (After commitment fee is paid)
  • $2,700 Housing ($400 a month)
  • ACT Preparation/ACT Test and clearinghouse: $375
  • *** International Students Only: per semester $15,000
  • *** To cover all fees related to I-20 Visa
  • Total $9,685.00 NON REFUNDABLE
  • $800 Commitment Fee (DUE before you come on campus) non refundable, not part of athletic fee.